Unique Tourist Spots to Consider On Your Next Trip To Cape Town

Whether you happen to be a local or tourist, Cape Town is a city that offers a variety of world class tourist attractions that will keep you coming back for more. However, Cape Town also offers a few fascinating and unusual attractions that you may want to add to your list of places to see.

The Haunted House



Situated at 99 Milner Road in Rondebosch, this has to be one of the most suspicious type buildings in Cape Town. The Edwardian structure house features ornate turrets and an earth colored façade has been named “The Spook House” by the locals. The rumor involves that a cult lived in the home in the 1970’s and this resulted in a weird aura that is particularly disturbing to the surrounding residents. People who live in the area have witnessed strange sightings such as flashing lights and slamming doors. This particular house has made it into the news on several occasions.

Castle Of Good Hope


Constructed in the 1600’s by what was known as the Dutch East India Company, this structure is the most ancient colonial building in this country. The distinctive structure features 5 bastions along with a moat. The building was built by slaves, sailors and soldiers and was first used with the intention of a military and civilian post until such stage that the settlements grew in the Cape and functions had spread to other surrounding regions. Today, this building is used for military involvement and is home to the Iziko Museums and Castle Military Museum of Cape Town.

AmaZink Live


If you are in search of a unique and cultural experience with the locals you will want to attend the AmaZink Live show which is a truly authentic South African dining and musical experience. The waiters at this establishment are the performers that encourage the diners to “sing for your supper”. You are provided with a traditional three course South African meal. This tourist attraction allows you to experience the sounds, energy and sights of a unique show held in Stellenbosch at AmaZink.

The Malay Quarter


Bo Kaap is definitely the most colorful area you will find in Cape Town and is originally known as the Cape Malay Quarter. The area features tiny homes in various colors along with cobbled quaint streets. This particular attraction is found hidden away in the slope of the Signal Hill. These tiny houses were established in the 17th century along with the very first Muslim Mosque in the country of South Africa. These colorful and small homes contrast with the city buildings and make Bo Kaap a truly unique city treasure.

Irma Stern Museum


This museum celebrates Irma Stern’s life an artist that painted impasto-style landscapes and portraits based on African subject matter. Her works combine Asian, European and African art and the Irma Stern Museum celebrated everything antique that Stern adored. This artist achieved international and national recognition and when you visit this attraction you can view works that feature an exotic nature along with various collectables that she attained from her travels through Africa and Europe.

Long Street


This particular location in Cape Town is culturally rich and there are number of sights and attractions to see. Long Street features quirky and cultural restaurants such as The Purple Turtle, Zulu Bar, Mama Africa, Masala Dosa and Mesoptamia. These restaurants are themed and ideal if you are the type of tourist who enjoys experiencing different cultures. Other attractions to Long Street include quaint shops where you can find crafts, music stores and vintage clothing.

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