Our Top 4 Adventures

Life on earth provides lots of enticing choices for adventure travelers, however, there is certainly a whole other world of excitement only waiting to be discovered. Adventure isn’t just about escaping into the wild, of course. It is about engaging and committing yourself regardless of what you are doing.

Never have there been a lot of people who wish to see and experience the farthest edges of the earth and never have there been so many people who experience this great adventure. With numerous options around the world, it could be overwhelming. Here are our 4 top adventures that will surely be an experience of a lifetime.

1. The Lost World and Angel Falls


Conan Doyle’s classic journey novel was driven by Venezuela’s “Lost World”, an area of thick rainforest and rolling grassland covered with enormous sandstone table mountains called tepuis. You’ll make your way towards the peak of Mount Roraima, a network of blackened rock and babbling streams having one of a kind plants and uncommon carnivorous frogs. Go to Auyán-tepui and discover Angel Falls, the world’s highest waterfall, while it falls 3,200 feet.

2. The wildebeest migration


For twenty years, the grasslands of the eastern Serengeti were shut down to visitors to let the cheetah population renew itself. Around 2014, the spot reopened, along with the local travel agency Asilia designated as its custodian. Extensive sights and outstanding privacy, without any other camp in an hour’s drive, make this a fantastic camp to see the migration between June and November.

3. Polar bears and kayaking in Svalbard


If you wish to see polar bears in the wild just before our warming climate melts its environment, time is running out. Glacier-filled Svalbard is an archipelago located in the world’s northernmost village, approximately midway in between the north coast of Norway as well as the North Pole. Together with bears, you can find caribou, reindeer, fox as well as a dense population of migratory birds. Along with ice climbing and dog sledding trips beneath the northern lights in the wintertime and year-round skiing, Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions provides lengthier summer journeys by foot or on water.

4. Jungles, Volcanoes, Waterfalls, and Sloths, Costa Rica


Discover the sizzling jungle as well as the waterways of Tortuguero by motorboat looking for monkeys, toucans as well as exotic birds just before going to the Sloth Sanctuary and also the stars on their own Animal Planet TV show. Then have a night hike around the jungle or try out river rafting just before soaking in thermal pools on the darkness of the Arenal Volcano. Begins and ends with a few pristine sand beach-time.