The Top 3 Backpacking Countries

Backpacking has gone mainstream as the majority of tourists who seek a truly authentic experience of the local destination turn to it. There seemingly is no better way to experience the local cultures, attraction, and cuisines than to indulge in the everyday activities that the local people engage in.

However, not all destinations a suited for the backpacking culture, especially when you consider matters of security. Additionally, even the destinations that are suitable for backpacking, they are not all equal. Some offer better backpacking experiences than others do.

When you take the fundamental aspects of the backpacking culture such as having access to inexpensive accommodation options, efficient public transport system, and a plethora of attractions, some destinations come out better than others.

In this regard, we will delve into three top destinations for backpackers. These destinations are conducive for backpacking taking into account the fundamental elements that make backpacking a success.

#1. New Zealand


The land of the Kiwis is particularly well-placed to offer an exciting backpacking adventure. You can tour New Zealand as a stand-alone destination or as part of a wider Australian tour.

Attractions – There are plenty of attraction to keep you busy as you tour New Zealand. Ideally, you should keep off your tour in the city of Wellington, which is the capital city of New Zealand. Wellington is known for the festivals it host on a monthly basis, which gives tourist an in-depth understanding of the culture of the Kiwis. Additionally, tourist can always visit the museums and art galleries to further their understanding of New Zealand’s past. The plethora of bohemian restaurants around the city are a good place to enjoy the local cuisines.

Auckland is naturally the next destination for many backpackers. Among the attractions there include the volcanic mountain ranges of Waitakere which has a 250 km trekking trial. The Auckland Museum is also a good facility to learn more about New Zealand. There is also a plethora of pristine beaches such as the Mission Bay, where tourist can relax and enjoy the beach life.

The Northland peninsula is also a good destination, as it offers an unprecedented look into the Maori culture. Additionally, the sub-tropical weather is always inviting.

What Makes New Zealand Perfect For Backpacking – For one, the culture and people of New Zealand are welcoming. In this regard, it is important to note that New Zealand offers restricted visas allowing them to work to support their backpacking adventure. There is a wide array of accommodation facilities that suit any budget. Finally, whilst in New Zealand, you have access to inexpensive transportation through road and railway.

#2. Malaysia


For backpackers on the look for pristine natural beauty, Malaysia is their ideal destination.

Attractions – A tour of Malaysia should set off in Kuala Lumpur. Whilst there, you should make a point to visit the Sri Mahamariamman Temple, the city’s various skyscrapers such as the Petronas Towers, Islamic Museum, Chinatown, and Little India back streets. Thereafter backpacker usually take to the Cameron Highlands for trekking. Alternatively/additionally, one can visit Taman Negara wilderness.

What Makes Malaysia Perfect For Backpacking – For starters, it is very diverse. As such, you get to enjoy a wide array of attraction in one trip. Additionally, the country has well-developed transport and accommodation system/facilities features inexpensive option.

#3. Greece


Greece has played a great role in the evolution of human civilization. Backpacking through Greece is essentially a historical tour that see backpackers learn more about human development.

Attractions – Ideally, a tour of Greece should begin in Athens, where you can visit Acropolis, which has a temple built for Athena, Pantheon. Thereafter, a trip to Delphi is popular among backpackers. You can also visit the Oracle of Apollo ruins. A trip to the Island of Crete is also popular.

What makes Greece Perfect For Backpacking – The attraction around Greece are unique to Greece as there are few countries that have such longstanding history. The travel and accommodation facilities are diverse and suitable for backpacking as there inexpensive options.